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Air Freight Forwarding

Providing superior Air Freight, Air Charter and Expedited Ground Freight Services Both Domestically & Internationally.

International Air Transportation Solutions

In the ever-evolving realm of global air freight, where demands, carriage standards, and capacities shift continuously, MH Logistics stands as your unwavering partner, freeing you to concentrate on your core operations while we navigate the complexities of air freight logistics. Serving a wide range of industries and armed with a diverse array of product offerings, service tiers, and value-enhancing options, we're committed to crafting the perfect solution tailored to your unique needs. It is crucial to align with a service provider renowned for its stability and unwavering reliability, essential for safeguarding the integrity of your supply chain.

Whether your shipments require a unique container or a special aircraft to transport them, MH Logistics can provide solutions for all your air freight needs. Standard, expedited, or oversized, we know the the intricacies of booking freight on aircraft in the most affordable and efficient way. Our dedicated integration team will ensure a seamless and fast introduction to our systems.

Our worldwide network allows us to offer you the best coverage. No origin or destination is off limits to our experts.

International Air Freight Forwarding Services

  • Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-door
  • Dedicated Air Charters
  • Deferred Air
  • Standard & Expedited

Perishable Air Freight Logistics Experts

At MH Logistics, we understand the paramount importance of time, precision, and temperature control in the logistics of perishable produce. Whether you're a grower, farmer, or importer dealing with goods that have a limited shelf life, our air freight services are tailored to meet your exacting requirements.Air freight emerges as the perfect transport solution for businesses like yours, bridging the gap between growers, producers, and distributors. It offers the agility needed to swiftly seize market opportunities and respond to demand surges effectively.

With MH Logistics, you gain access to a wealth of expertise in the perishable goods industry, ensuring your products reach their destination fresh and ready for immediate distribution. Experience the swiftness and reliability of air freight with MH Logistics, where we specialize in preserving the quality and integrity of your perishable produce throughout its journey.

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End-To-End Partner/Single Point Approach:

Say goodbye to the complexities of coordinating with multiple suppliers. We handle all the logistics intricacies, providing you with a seamless end-to-end solution.

Clear Customs Faster:

Expedite customs clearance with MH Logistics, reducing transit times and ensuring your products reach their destination promptly.


Optimize your cash flow and minimize in-transit storage demands, all while maintaining your goods in a state of readiness for swift distribution.


We propel your cargo forward with unparalleled freight shipping prowess, cutting-edge technology, cold chain solutions, and an expansive nationwide network of trusted carriers.

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