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Improve the efficiency of your floral supply chain through the synergy of our extensive temperature-controlled carrier network and strategically positioned processing facilities.

3PL Floral Logistics: Expert Handling and Shipping Services

At MH Logistics, we are your trusted partners in the delicate art of the global floral supply chain.  Our global cold chain logistics solutions are custom catered to the unique needs of our floral product suppliers, wholesale florists, retail florists, and international floral enterprises. We specialize in providing comprehensive & cost effective bulk shipping & handling solutions for fresh flowers and live plants via land, air, and ocean freight.

Preserve Flower and Plant Quality with a Trusted Floral Logistics Partner

Flowers and plants, being delicate treasures, demand meticulous handling during transportation. Our dedicated team possess the expertise and capabilities needed to guarantee that your customers receive these botanical wonders in impeccable condition, ensuring they enjoy an extended shelf life.

We guarantee safe handling and packaging by utilizing custom-designed boxes, containers, and hydration systems tailored to the specific flower species and their specific temperature and water requirements. Our extensive network of strategic storage facilities and transportation solutions incorporates advanced cooling systems to maintain flowers and plants at optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

Discover a World of Precision and Care in the Transportation of Live plants and Fresh Cut Flowers.

With years of experience under our belt, we understand the intricacies of handling live plants and flower cuttings of all shapes and sizes. Our highly-trained team has expertly handled a variety of floral products for our customers, including live plants such as orchids, roses, lilies, peat moss, and cactus, as well as unrooted cuttings like Pelargonium, Geranium, Poinsettia, and so many more. Our expertise spans every aspect of the floral supply chain, ensuring your precious cargo arrives in pristine condition.

Handling Floral Products in Miami, The Heart of America's Flower Trade & Expanding Locations Nationwide.

With our strategic temperature-controlled warehouse conveniently located near Miami International Airport (MIA), we excel in expediting the importing process for floral products. Our onsite resources seamlessly integrate with your team, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your floral supply chain operations.

Floral Supply Chain Logistics Benefits

  • End-to-end cool chain management
  • Expedited refrigerated shipping via land, air, and sea
  • Affordable wholesale produce shipping
  • Integrated quality control and assurance
  • Online tracking & tracing
  • Meticulous documentation expertise
  • Strategic cold storage facilities
  • Customs clearance

Express Transportation for Fresh Flowers and Live Plants

Recognized worldwide for our expertise in the floral industry, MH Logistics is your trusted partner for expedited live plants and flower cuttings. Our specialized team navigates the intricacies of efficiently moving your live plants and flowers from source to destination, overcoming the challenges of long-haul journeys. Leveraging our four US based warehouses, our extensive global network of refrigerated storage facilities, and temperature controlled shipping options, we maintain precise temperature and humidity conditions throughout transit, ensuring your flowers arrive fresh.


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