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Partner with a US leader in 3PL temperature-controlled logistics for your wholesale fruits & vegetable supply chain.

Wholesale Produce Logistics Supplier

At MH Logistics, we orchestrate the perfect harmony in cold chain logistics, making sure your perishable goods & fresh produce reach their destination with unwavering quality and freshness.

We draw from our extensive experience in the dynamic world of fresh produce logistics, addressing the unique challenges and demands of this industry. With a comprehensive suite of logistic solutions, we offer end-to-end support across the entire perishable goods supply chain. We cater to a diverse clientele, spanning local growers, packaging experts, shipping authorities, as well as wholesalers, retailers, and restaurateurs. Our refined and proven logistics and storage methodologies guarantee the safe and pristine handling of fragile and time-sensitive fruits and vegetables from start to finish.

With years of hands-on experience, MH Logistics has seamlessly transported a diverse range of produce, ranging from succulent oranges to sweet persimmons, crisp carrots to fragrant fresh herbs, and flavorful bell peppers.

Committed to on-time deliveries, our dedicated team ensures the seamless success of every produce shipment. Trust MH Logistics for the complete spectrum of import/export, warehousing, transportation, customs clearance, and air freight needs in the perishable goods sector.

We understand that maintaining the unbroken cold chain is the key to preserving the freshness and quality of your products. With a meticulous eye on temperature control, advanced monitoring systems, and a network of specialized carriers, we ensure your delicate cargo stays pristine from field to destination.

Comprehensive Management of Fresh Produce Supply Chains

MH Logistics specializes in the comprehensive management of fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains. Within our expansive regional and global logistics network, we harness a fleet of refrigerated trucks, ocean containers, and air transport, complemented by state-of-the-art cold storage facilities, to maintain produce at its zenith of freshness. Our meticulous approach encompasses crating, labeling, continuous temperature monitoring, warehousing, and meticulous shipping procedures.

Wholesale Produce Logistics Benefits

  • End-to-end cold chain management
  • Expedited refrigerated shipping via land, air, and sea
  • Wholesale Produce Shipping
  • Integrated quality control and assurance
  • Online tracking & tracing
  • Meticulous documentation expertise
  • Strategic cold storage facilities
  • Customs clearance

Global Produce & Perishable Goods Delivery

Recognized worldwide for our expertise in perishable logistics within the cold supply chain, MH Logistics is your trusted partner for expedited fresh fruit and vegetable transportation. Our specialized team navigates the intricacies of efficiently moving produce from source to destination, overcoming the challenges of long-haul journeys. With a sharp focus on preserving quality, we employ state-of-the-art packaging solutions, including specialized trays, bags, and durable crates, safeguarding your produce against damage. Leveraging our four US based ware houses and our extensive global network of refrigerated storage facilities and shipping options, we maintain precise temperature and humidity conditions throughout transit, ensuring your fruits and vegetables arrive as fresh as the day they were harvested.


We propel your perishable produce forward with unparalleled refrigerated shipping prowess, managed cold storage facilities, cutting-edge monitoring services, and an expansive nationwide network of trusted carriers.

Logistics Management Solutions

Options for All Your Global Prospects

MH Logistics provides comprehensive global and regional logistics solutions, empowering both small and large enterprises to foster expansion and success. We pride ourselves on our specialized logistics solutions in a range of industries, including Live Plants, Meat & Poultry, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Technology, Agriculture, Dairy Products, and Oils.

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