With MH Logistics trucking service, you avoid the hassle of searching for a trucking service that operates where you want to take your shipment (we go everywhere), and you are in the hands of the best and most suitable trucking service at the lowest price. We work to meet your demands and delivery timeframe, not the other way around.

We have state of the art equipment - all types of vehicles suitable for any season, from vans to trailers. Behind our vehicles are skilled drivers and technicians. Their expertise ensures that you get the reliable and dependable trucking service your business needs to grow. We specialize in making expedited deliveries, carrying specialized goods, and providing temperature controlled vehicles to transport your shipment.

Our infrastructure allows us to provide a complete transportation solution. As a client, you will have a real-time update on the movement of your shipment. MH Logistics also offers a range of truckload transportation services within the United States, including long-haul, local, dedicated, and regional.

The Services we provide include but not limited to:

-   Dry Box with Air Ride Equipped.

-   LTL (less than load) shipments.

-   Documentation Courier Service.

-   FTL (full truck load) shipments.

-   Refrigerated Service.

-   Reliable and well-maintained equipment.

-   Local Pickup and Delivery Service.